Air conditioning, heat pumps & solar panels

Air conditioning, heat pumps, solar panels

Air conditioning and heat pumps in Marbella

The all-round solution for heating, cooling and hot water

If you use our heat pumps or air conditioning in your home, you’re actively contributing to the protection of the climate. The possibility of integrating renewable energy sources, such as solar energy, makes these systems so versatile.
Thanks to the new compressors and the environmentally friendly refrigerant R-32, our systems achieve outstanding energy efficiency, which leads to low operating costs.
New inverter technology means low vibration levels and almost silent operation.

Did you know that the best time to have air conditioning fitted or serviced is in May?

Why is that? Outside temperatures allow us to optimally check heating and cooling systems. This leads to shorter working hours and reduced costs. Get in contact with us!

Daikin Wärmepumpen- Heizen/Kühlen

Daikin heat pump for heating or cooling

Fujitsu Klimaanlagen- Heizen/Kühlen

Fujitsu air conditioners for heating and cooling

Underfloor heating

Energy-efficient comfort.

Our inverter heat pumps are ideal for cost-effective and comfortable heating.


Individual control

Reduce electricity costs by up to 75%.

A smart solution for all air conditioning ceiling units.

Pool Heizung

Swimming pool heating

Enjoy your swimming pool all year round.


Solar panels

Hot water and electricity, 100% free

Make the most of the sun’s power and have a balanced energy plan.