Construction and refurbishment in Marbella

Sanieren mit der Wirtschaftlichkeit im Focus

Reforms with savings in mind

Live better and save money, from construction through to implementation

A new floor must feel good beneath your feet. Our inverted heat pump is ideal for underfloor heating. Tiles are one of the best conductors of heat and improve efficiency.

Moderne 3D Planung

Modern 3D planning

Save by optimising your space

3D planning means fittings can be positioned precisely, allowing for the optimal use of the space.

Our energy concept

Heating and cooling with heat pumps

Hot water from solar thermal energy.
Energy saving with photovoltaic technology.


Floor structure

Tiles are robust and durable

A good tile doesn’t have to be expensive.

Underfloor heating

Comfortable and energy efficient

Our inverter heat pumps are ideal for economical and comfortable heating.