Damp-proofing, insulation and protection

damp proofing costa del sol

Cost-effective renovations in and around Marbella


Whether it’s to solve an existing damp problem or to prevent future problems, we offer a tailor-made solution for your home.

Damage patterns often reveal the cause of the problem and show the way to the solution.

The renovation of your roof or terrace can also be a good reason to carry out energy improvements, immediately saving electricity and heating costs.

The energy efficiency of your home is also reflected in your wallet. What’s more, having a clean facade protects your home and keeps it looking fresh.

Terrassen und Dachabdichtung

Waterproofing of terraces and roofs

Total and lasting protection against humidity.

Weatherproof materials that offer security and good value in the long-term.

Terrassen und Dachabdichtung

Energy efficiency, insulation and renovation

Save money and gain significant comfort.

Enjoy a pleasant indoor temperature all year round.
Roofs offer the ideal place to install solar or photovoltaic systems.

Our energy concept

Heating and cooling with a heat pump.

Get hot water from solar thermal energy, reduce energy usage with photovoltaics and limit heat loss through insulation.

Painting Marbella

Plastering, painting and protective coatings

Our careful working methods offer long-term security.

A new coat of paint not only changes the appearance of your home, it also protects it from the elements.