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Damp proofing, painting and protective coatings

Damp proofing

If you are experiencing damp walls or ceilings due to rising damp or exterior dampness due to a lack of damp proofing on your roof or terrace we can help you. At Pohl Services we specialise in all aspects of damp proofing.

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Whether solving an existing damp problem or taking preventative measures to avoid issues in the future, we can recommend a tailor made solution for your property. We know what to look for… problems with drain pipes, blocked outlets, accumulation of water due to sloped surfaces or gaps… we have a wide range of damp proofing solutions including membranes, weather shield roof sealants and of course the professional know-how to ensure the job is done well and to your complete satisfaction.

Painting and protective coatings

Painting Marbella

Protect and preserve the value of your home with quality products

Facade paints should show the same properties as human skin:
– elastic
– breathing active
– water repellent
– UV-resistant

We deal directly with a coatings (or paint) manufacturer which allows us to offer reasonable prices. The right product, the right working technique and cleanliness at work make the difference. GUARANTEED!

We are experts in painting, coating, plastering, wood and metal treatments, stucco and flooring.

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